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Why a modular cleanroom?

In today’s economy, new technological developments follow each other rapidly. Because of regular changes in regulations or processes, the requirements for clean spaces for process and product protection also change. ProCleanroom provides cleanrooms that react efficiently to the dynamics in your market. The modular construction system of ProCleanroom is flexible, removable, portable and extensible.

Modular cleanrooms have a number of advantages over traditional cleanroom construction. Because of prefabrication, modular cleanrooms have a shorter delivery time and can be efficiently installed on site. In case of changing needs in business or process, modular cleanrooms can be easily expanded, reduced in size, reorganised or moved. The initial investment for a modular cleanroom is significantly lower than for traditional construction. The above properties result in time savings, flexibility and cost savings.

The cleanrooms by ProCleanroom:

  • Lowest operational cost in the market
  • Distinguishes itself in efficiency and functional design
  • Both custom work and standard solutions possible
  • Adheres to the international cleanroom standard ISO14644-1/3
  • Innovative flush ceiling and therefore easy and quick to clean. Stays clean
  • Controller with adjustable weekly programme
  • Latest generation of fan filter units with ebm-papst DC motors for lowest energy consumption

 ProCleanroom: Build your expertise.

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