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Cleanroom operator bedient deeltjesteller tijdens validatie

Are you looking for an expert to validate your cleanroom or flow cabinet, then ProCleanroom is the partner you need. ProCleanroom provides validations according to the international standard (ISO14644-1:2015). Validation is done according to a predetermined validation protocol. Upon completion of a new cleanroom by ProCleanroom, you will receive a provisional quality paper. The comprehensive, definitive validation report will be in your possession within 1-2 weeks.

ProCleanroom also provides periodic validations for its customers. This way, quality is ensured. Besides its own cleanrooms, ProCleanroom also validates fixed cleanrooms by other suppliers.


  • Particle counts (concentration of airborne particles) – standard
  • Measurement of air velocity
  • Measurement of light intensity (lux)
  • Air Changes (circulation rate)
  • Pressure difference test
  • Aerosol smoke visualisation test
  • Measurement of noise – sound pressure level (dB (A))
  • Temperature and humidity measurements
  • HEPA or ULPA filter integrity test/efficiency test (Aerosol challenge/DOP test)

Validation interval
According to ISO14644-1:2015, cleanroom and flow cabinet have to be validated in accordance with a maintenance and validation programme tailored to the individual process. In practice, this usually leads to a validation interval of 12 months of cleanrooms with ISO class 6 or higher. For cleanrooms or flow cabinets with ISO class 5 or lower, the validation interval is usually 6 months. Do you want a cleanroom or flow cabinet that continues to perform according to the specifications? Then make an appointment with a qualified CTCB-I engineer with ProCleanroom.

ProCleanroom: Build your expertise.

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