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Virtual tour in a cleanroom
Curious about the inside of one of our cleanrooms? Come in and get inspired!
Take the virtual cleanroom tour and experience the possibilities and look & feel of our quality cleanroom solutions.
Airflow smoke visualisation test
The video below shows one of the test we provide. Besides the “standard” tests during validations such as air speed measurements and particle counts, we also provide smoke visualisation to check the airflow pattern and recovery tests to check the recovery time of a cleanroom.
Softwall harmonica door
This video shows a softwall harmonica door to create a maximum opening for easy traffic in and out when using carts or trolleys. When fully opened, the door folds into only 15% of the total length. For example, a 2 meter side can open up to 1.7m.
Slimeline Cleanroom Controller
Meet our new Slimeline Cleanroom controller. This stand-alone cleanroom controller offers maximum flexibility and control of your cleanroom and process. Check the video for an impression of the features and possibilities of this new controller.
Sliding softwall entrance
This video shows a sliding softwall entrance to create an opening for easy traffic in and out when using carts or trolleys.
Cleanroom inspection table
The video below shows a bespoke cleanroom inspection table with flush integrated light pad, protected by reinforced glass. It is electrically height adjustable with user defined memory settings and has a Trespa worktop.
Constant flow in clean environments
This video shows how the cleanroon controller and flow sensor operates and how this benefits your process or research.