Crossflow units

Maximum flexibility with the HLFU-series Crossflow units by ProCleanroom

Crossflow units realise a horizontal flow of filtered air over the entire work surface. As a result, your product and/or process within the flow cabinet is protected from contamination. The working environment of the crossflow units is low on dust particles and micro-organisms.

The sterile air flows in a unidirectional (laminar) pattern over the workplace from back to front and releases the air into the existing space. Due to the positive air flow in the cross flow unit, particles released during the process are immediately discharged outwards, the positive airflow also prevents any outside particles from entering. The working environment complies with ISO grade 3, 4 or 5 according to ISO14644 and GMP A, depending on the HEPA or ULPA absolute filters applied.

Standard and custom
With the HLFU series in four standard sizes, ProCleanroom offers a range of laminar horizontal flow units (LAF cabinets) which are readily available. However, many of our projects are custom- made; here lies our strength. We always come up with an appropriate solution and within every budget.

Our in-house engineering department designs a fully customised solution and designs it in Inventor 3D. The possibilities and flexibility are unlimited. See our case studies for a sample of completed projects.

Configuration - standard
Benefits for the user

Configuration - standard

  • 4 standard sizes: 90, 120, 150 and 200 cm wide
  • Powder coated or stainless steel structure and back plenum
  • Transparent polycarbonate side screens
  • Magnehelic pressure gauge
  • Simple controller or advanced control, week programmable
  • Stainless steel or HPL (Trespa) worktop
  • LED-lighting


  • Customised solutions, optimised for your setup and process.
  • Stainless steel or powder coated steel frame/table (height adjustable)
  • Feedthroughs of cables, vacuum and gas
  • Flow sensor for monitoring and regulating air velocity
  • Pourer sochets
  • Ionisation bar for neutralising static charge

Benefits for the user

  • Standard sizes and 100% custom-made
  • Low energy consumption, hence low operating costs
  • Extremely low heat load through EC motor technology
  • Low noise level; better concentration and less fatique
  • Easy to use and maintenance-friendly
  • Smart design and easy to clean

The HLFU Series Horizontal LAF cabinets from ProCleanroom are particularly suitable for industries requiring product- or process protection. Think of hi-tech, electronics and medical devices, universities and laboratories. In our cross flow units, critical processes such as sampling, cleaning the cleanroom, cleanroom packaging, etc. can be performed perfectly.

Installation and ISO validation
The ProCleanroom engineers provide a professional installation. After performing a validation according to ISO14644, you will receive a validation report. ProCleanroom is also your partner for periodic inspections, maintenance and revalidation of crossflow units.

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