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Welcome at ProCleanroom!

We would like to introduce ourselves to you personally. We are ProCleanroom: the flexible specialist for your modular cleanrooms and laminar flow cabinets. We design, manufacture, install and validate cleanrooms for our customers. ProCleanroom is located in the Netherlands and operates in accordance with the strictest European regulations.

Our company has its roots in the high-tech industry. As true professionals, we understand better than anyone else the needs and requirements in regard to handling critical processes. ProCleanroom is your partner in the field of contamination issues. We help you to develop and maintain your expertise, as well as excel in your field.

Perform at a high level
Like you, we have the drive to perform at the highest level. Quality goes without saying. Products by ProCleanroom score the highest in the market for sustainability and efficiency. We are ambitious and work not only in accordance with the strictest regulations, but are ahead of the increasingly stringent European energy directives (ErP2016). And we are proud of that. Furthermore, we at ProCleanroom guarantee the lowest operating costs and lowest cost of ownership in the market.

Core values

  • Guaranteed quality
  • Dedication and responsibility
  • Professional and reliable
  • Personal, lasting relationships

Experience ProCleanroom
Curious about the products by ProCleanroom? Come visit our showroom in Valkenswaard. Ask for a demonstration of our ISO Class 7 cleanroom and ISO class 3-5 flow cabinets. You can experience first-hand what ProCleanroom has to offer.

ProCleanroom: Build your expertise.

Niels Ferguson – Director ProCleanroom

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