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HEPA and ULPA fan filter units for air filtration

One of the main components of a fan filter unit (FFU) is the electric motor of the fan. For several years now, European regulations stipulate that fans must have DC-EC motors. As part of the ErP 2016 Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC, the EU imposes stricter requirements on the efficiency of electric motors. The directive prioritises protection of the global climate through promotion of renewable energy, reduction of CO2 emissions and an increase of the efficiency of electric motors.

In its modular cleanrooms and flow cabinets, ProCleanroom supplies fan filter units that are equipped with the latest direct current (DC) electric fan motors. The motors are manufactured by the German quality manufacturer EBM Papst. ProCleanroom not only meets existing regulations, but is far ahead of the stringent ErP guidelines.

The fan filter units by ProCleanroom excel at:

  • Lowest energy consumption in the market. You save instantly
  • Low noise levels through careful insulation of the anodised aluminium housing
  • Compact design of FFU housing for maximum net inner height of the cleanroom
  • Minimum vibration level through EBM Papst motor with balanced fan and permanent magnet
  • Stepless adjustable for maximum control (local or remote)
  • Service-friendly through easy replacement of pre-filters and HEPA or ULPA high-efficiency absolute filters

Controlling costs
The operational costs of a fan filter unit are the sum of the replacement cost of the pre-filters and the high-efficiency absolute filters, energy consumption and service intervals.

The high capacity of the pre-filters leads to a maximum service interval of the more expensive high-efficiency absolute filters (up to 5 years at 24/7 use). Moreover, the replacement cost of the two filters are low compared to alternatives. Add to that the extremely low energy costs of these filter units, and you can understand why ProCleanroom guarantees the lowest operating costs in the market.

In addition to protecting the high-efficiency absolute filter, the pre-filter is also available with an active carbon filter for filtering out hydrocarbons (VOCs) and odours at the molecular level, for the protection of the process and workers.

The fan filters by ProCleanroom also excel in controlling the heat load in the room. Unlike fan filters with alternating current (AC) motor, the heat load of the DC fan filter units are nil, making an investment in a refrigeration system unnecessary or limited. This leads to a direct savings of costs.

Check our white paper on the comparison between AC and DC fan motors in cleanrooms and flow units:

pdf_download  Comparison AC-DC fan motors cleanrooms and flow units


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