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Tekenen van modulaire cleanroom in CAD software

Are you looking for an expert to design your cleanroom or flow cabinet? ProCleanroom is your partner! Qualified project engineers design customised cleanrooms, completely to your wishes. With years of experience in the cleanroom industry, an in-house 3D CAD department and a quality product range, ProCleanroom is the ideal partner to help you develop your expertise.


  • For temporary or permanent modular cleanrooms
  • For high quality flow cabinets
  • Short transition times
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Certified to the highest ISO standards
  • Qualified project engineers
  • Flexible dimensions
  • Easy to expand or relocate
  • Permanent contact person

How does ProCleanroom work?
The experts at ProCleanroom work with you to build the best possible clean working environment. Through thorough research and assessment of needs, requirements and the situation on-site, ProCleanroom provides the best end result. Each cleanroom has been customised and designed according to the lean principle. The aim is to provide a cleanroom with the lowest operating costs through efficiency.

After the preliminary research, engineers at ProCleanroom design a cleanroom according to the agreed specifications and ISO class. After approval of the technical drawings, manufacturing can begin. After delivery and installation, ProCleanroom provides validation on-site according to international cleanroom standards. Of course you will receive an official report, and ProCleanroom remains your contact point for questions and concerns.

ProCleanroom: Build your expertise.

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