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Cleanroom in opbouw tijdens installatiewerkzaamheden

Are you looking for an expert to install your cleanroom or flow cabinet, then ProCleanroom is the partner you need. In practice, the design and manufacture of cleanrooms takes only a few weeks. Once the cleanroom is ready for installation, you will receive a call to schedule delivery and installation.

ProCleanroom strives for efficient installation and delivery on location. Due to a tight schedule, interruption of research or production is minimal. In addition, engineers with ProCleanroom look at the opportunities with you to continue as many processes as possible during installation.


  • For temporary or permanent modular cleanrooms
  • For high quality flow cabinets
  • Short transition times
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Certified to the highest ISO standards
  • Qualified project engineers
  • Flexible dimensions
  • Easy to expand or relocate
  • Permanent contact person

Control and flexibility
After installation, cleanroom and flow cabinet are checked with a handover protocol. This check ensures that the delivered products meet the specifications. If in the future there is a need to extend or modify the cleanroom, then the ProCleanroom concept offers a variety of possibilities. The dimensions and layout of the cleanroom are easy to adjust. This allows for flexibility with quality assurance.

ProCleanroom: Build your expertise.

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