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When to use a laminar flow enclosure or canopy?

Laminar flow enclosures are entirely customised enclosures, housings or canopies, that are positioned over machines and equipment. A local cleanroom environment is created as clean filtered air flows around the machine, arrangement or equipment. By use of energy-efficient fans with HEPA or ULPA filters, a clean work environment is ensured that meets the international cleanroom standard ISO 14644-1 class 2 – 8.

The ProCleanroom ‘in-house’ engineering department will design an enclosure for your specific arrangement or machine. After manufacturing, the enclosure is

assembled and tested in our own workshop. Solutions may vary from a simple enclosure up to complex casings with a multitude of details and functionalities.

Configurations and functionalities
The configuration options are endless. For instance, spaces we turn into a very clean room by adding filtered air with an overpressure regime for the protection of products or processes for critical applications.

On the other hand, an arrangement or process can be isolated from its surroundings or operator by use of a negative pressure regime. In addition to, for instantace, purity,  it is possible to add an acoustic of thermal functionality. All configurations can be combined with an optional laser safety device.



  • Casings / enclosures for high-tech setups
  • Laser safety enclosure for optical measuring equipment
  • Enclosure positioned over semiconductor equipment
  • Production line canopy
  • Casing on blister packaging lines
  • Injection moulding machine canopy


  • Product and process protection by supplying of clean air
  • Protection of environment and operator by isolation of contamination
  • Laser safety by applying a qualified system
  • Thermally and/or acoustically isolate a process from its surroundings
Turnkey realisation
Following the design, the assembly and the testing of the solution, the ProCleanroom engineers also ensure installation on site. Part of the installation is for our qualified engineers to carry out a validation in accordance with ISO14644, including reporting.

Please view our case studies for some of the projects we realised.

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