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Temperature control inside the cleanroom

A modular cleanroom by ProCleanroom automatically defaults to the climate of the room in which it is placed. In processes where temperature control is desirable or necessary, ProCleanroom provides optional climate control. For example, by the use of water-cooled heat exchangers or active climate control air conditioning, the temperature can be controlled within the cleanroom. Regulating the heat load is required for some precarious processes, and makes working in the cleanroom more comfortable.

Decisive in temperature (and humidity) inside the cleanroom is the total heat load in the room.
The heat load is the sum of:

  • Number of active people in the cleanroom
  • Total heat release of equipment and/or process in the cleanroom
  • Amount and type of lighting
  • Amount and type of filter units
  • Temperature of surrounding area
  • Radiation from the sun (if applicable)

ProCleanroom provides cleanrooms with LED lights for low heat load and energy consumption. In addition, the filtration of the cleanroom is equipped with DC motors for maximum efficiency, lowest power consumption and lowest heat load. Climate control is suitable for, among other things, laboratories, temperature-sensitive precision machining and measurement and calibration applications.

Cleanroom air-conditioning system
The AC systems by ProCleanroom are known for their quality and reliability. They are equipped with the latest generation of refrigeration and deliver maximum, effective cooling. The AC-systems are composed of quality components only. The intake system blows the cooled air over the HEPA or ULPA filter inside the room. For energy-efficient cooling solutions in the cleanroom, ProCleanroom is your partner.

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