Verpakken van electronica in LAF kast

Working clean and protected in the laminar flow units of ProCleanroom

When you require a clean environment workstation, ProCleanroom offers a solution with its laminar flow units. Through unidirectional airflow, a particle free environment is realised that allows critical processes to run according to the highest standards. The air in the LAF unit is (nearly) free from particles and micro-organisms and protects against harmful product and process contamination.

What is unidirectional airflow?
Unidirectional airflow represents an air flow in one direction without interruption by turbulence. In a LAF unit, the air flows in a unidirectional pattern from the HEPA or ULPA filter surface. This may be a horizontal flow (crossflow) or a vertical flow (downflow).

Downflow or Crossflow?
Laminar flow units are available as downflow or crossflow units:

  • Downflow units providing a vertical air flow over the working area (top to bottom)
  • Crossflow units providing a horizontal air flow over the working area (back to front)

The VLFU series by ProCleanroom is a standard range of vertical laminar flow cabinets (down flow). The series consists of flow cabinets in four standard sizes.
The HLFU series is a standard range of horizontal laminar flow units (crossflow)
This range also consists of four standard sizes.

Depending on the application, downflow may have advantages over crossflow or vice versa. Contact us to discuss your application and we will help you make the right choice.

Next to the standard programme, ProCleanroom also offers the possibility of customisation. The down flow and cross flow customised solutions are fully tailored to the needs and requirements of the client. As skilful specialist, ProCleanroom is your partner for advice and expertise.

ProCleanroom: Build your expertise.

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