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An overview of the options in a cleanroom by ProCleanroom

At ProCleanroom, innovation, quality and service are central. For this reason ProCleanroom designs and supplies products that fully support and facilitate your expertise. Since each branch and application has different requirements, ProCleanroom offers a number of options for the implementation of modular cleanroom or flow cabinet. It goes without saying that ProCleanroom products meet the standard of international cleanroom classifications. In addition, the cleanrooms have the lowest power consumption and lowest cost of ownership in the market.

Cleanroom options

1. Cleanroom wall finishes

1.1 Softwall strip curtain (strips/panels)
The softwall strips are customarily made of PVC and have a slight curve for an optimum overlap so that at rest, the strips form a closed wall. The soft wall PVC strips offer a good resistance against alcohol and other cleaning agents. The advantage of these strips is that only a necessary opening is created upon entering. As a result, the integrity of the cleanroom will remain completely intact. The softwall panels are available in transparent or tinted/blinded version (in various colours) and have anti-static (ESD) properties and/or (yellow) UV filter. There is also a special polyurethane soft wall version available which has no degassing (in particular, aerospace and semiconductor application).

1.2 Hardwall panels – (partly) transparent
Made of polycarbonate or PETG. Robust with a high resistance to solvents. Is very bright and offers good visibility, allowing the process to be seen from outside, and providing staff in the cleanroom a clear view from inside.

1.3 Hardwall panels – (partly) opaque
Made from rigid PVC. The panels can withstand solvents. The finish is white (or, if desired, a different colour) and is suitable for both internal and external partitions.

1.4 Ceiling
Unique innovative concept with a 100% flush finish by light and very strong coated aluminium composite panels, seated in an anodised aluminium frame. This makes the ceiling very easy and quick to clean. Also, it stays clean. The ceiling forms a nice-looking whole, in combination with the cleanroom LED lighting.

1.5 Emergency exits
Softwall strip curtains are often used to serve as an emergency exit. In a hard wall cleanroom it may be necessary to create an emergency exit. This can be a transparent or opaque removable wall panel.

2. Frame

2.1 Powder-coated steel
Robust frame with high quality powder coating in RAL9016 (or other colour). This gives a plane semi-gloss surface which is highly resistant to cleaning agents.

2.2. Stainless steel (304 or 316)
For an extremely high quality finish and for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry, a stainless steel frame is the right choice. Stainless steel offers high protection against oxidation and corrosion in addition to a nice-looking design.

3. Foot options

3.1 Lockable wheels
Mounted on the feet of the frame, making the cleanroom mobile. Various designs. Also available in stainless steel.

3.2 Levelling feet/adjustable feet
If the cleanroom is placed on uneven surfaces, it may be necessary to work with levellers. Adjustable feet are also suitable for applications in which you want the cleanroom ‘off the floor,’, so that the floor can be properly cleaned.

 4. Entrances

4.1 Softwall entrance
Transparent or tinted softwall panels with light curve for maximum closure. These panels provide excellent and lasting partition. See 1.1 for more details. Variants on the normal strip curtain are a standard sliding system and an innovative concertina-system that can fold up to only 15% of the length of the wall.

4.2 Rotation, swing and sliding doors
In several manual or automatic versions.

4.3 High speed roll-up doors
For applications with high intensity in logistics, high speed doors are an excellent choice. The doors will open swiftly (roll up) by a push button control, tag system or automatically via sensors. Various models are available.

5. Lighting
ProCleanroom supplies standard cleanrooms with LED panels. This type of lighting has a low power consumption and high light intensity. If there is no place in the ceiling for LED panels due to a high percentage of filter media (often the case at higher ISO classes), then ProCleanroom supplies cleanrooms with ‘teardrop’ fixtures. In the preliminary phase, consultation with ProCleanroom engineers can help you make the right choice.

6. Furniture
ProCleanroom supplies stainless steel furniture (in-house design and manufacturing) such as freestanding tables, shelves and floating-mounted counters. Interested? Inquire about the possibilities.

7. ESD compatibility
ESD is a program available for processes that are sensitive to static charge in the air. Different choices of material are available, as is the instalment of active anti-static bars on the filter system so as to neutralise any static charge in the supplied air.

8. Transfer hatches
Transfer hatches/cabinets facilitate the responsible transfer of products from the goods- and/or personnel hatch. The transfer cabinets are available in basic and more advanced variants with, inter alia, an interlock system.

9. Filter System
Fan filter units (FFUs) supply filtered air to the cleanroom. Depending on the ISO class, the correct filter type is determined. Read more about our fan filter units here.

10. Dressing / goods area
To efficiently support procedures, it is possible to equip the cleanroom with a dressing area and/or goods in/out area. These rooms provide an additional space between the introduction of goods and personnel in the cleanroom.

11. Cleanroom control
The cleanrooms by ProCleanroom are equipped with the Slimline cleanroom controller. This is modular expandable. The controller has a simple manual operation, an adjustable automatic weekly programme and optional coupling with sensors such as flow sensors and particle counters. This makes direct control of particles or air speed possible.

12. Temperature control
Climate control inside the cleanroom ensures user comfort and/or protection of the critical process. All air conditioning components are located outside the cleanroom to avoid contamination sources in the cleanroom. The recirculation system provides an energy-efficient solution. Input of air through the HEPA or ULPA filters. Click here for more information.

13. Floor
A modular cleanroom needs a proper floor that emits no particles and is easy to clean. Often the existing floor is already suitable. The ProCleanroom floors are available in an epoxy coating, vinyl or PVC (puzzle floor).

14. Inspection and cleanroom validation
ProCleanroom is accredited to inspect and validate cleanrooms. Based on an analysis of your application and with the ISO14644 cleanroom standard as a starting point, we jointly determine the proper inspection and validation interval for your cleanroom. It is also possible to enter a service contract. This gives you the assurance that the cleanroom continues to perform according to the guidelines. Read more about our cleanroom validations here.

ProCleanroom: Build your expertise.

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